Monday, February 22, 2016

•My life•

So my terrible or great blog (about movies)has been discontinued 😂 Mainly cause I'm not at my old school and we don't have a class like that here at James Clemens.So I'm going to continue on this blog but tell you basically if my life is going terrible or great. Honestly it's sucking pretty bad....I though my brother wants me but you know you gotta do what yah gotta do. so I'm still living with my Aunt who basically downs my family 24/7. I'm also on the edge of crying(I dont know why) I use to think Piedmont teached you nothing but honestly I would prefer over this school.I hate it so much. On and my brother came to see me(2 hours for where I use to live) he basically tells me he can't take care of me and there is nothing for me in Piedmont.... Ummmm...Blake,Him,Kaydenn,Kristen,Jessica,Ashlund,Mom,and my aunts and uncles. I don't know what I'm suppose to do with my life here. Oh and the only reason he doesn't want me because he's moving up here anyways because Kayla(his new girlfriend) I really hope it doesn't last. She can see right threw me...I try to build up walls but she basically just broke them down.Basically I that metaphorical wall up so I won't get hurt. So basically it trap all of the feelings on the out slide. All of my walls came crashing down and my feelings hit me all in one. I've been through a lot so of course I didn't cry...I was on the edge of it thoguh.Anways I don't want to be here.Im numb to feelings anyways people hurting me to much so,oh well

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