Friday, September 4, 2015

The Day the Earth stood still•When Worlds Collide•Star Wars

Terrible or Great?
The Day the Earth stood still•When Worlds Collide•Star Wars

     In the beginning of all three movies,I thought they were gonna be boring to be honest. At first none of the movies got my attention ,until the end of each movie. I liked how they were all kind of based on science fiction. I didn't really think would like them , especially The Day the Earth stood still. Mainly because it was black and white. I actually ended up liking that movie the most. One thing I like in particular that they were very specific in details. Now more into details into the movies.
    The Day the Earth stood still was about a ufo phenomena. When it landed hopped out was a alien named Klauuto. He had a present for the president,but they thought what he had was a weapon. The army ended up shooting Klauuto. Then came out the robot Gort. With his laser vision he vaporized the army's gun,and tanks. Klauuto made Gort stop before he hurt anyone. So they took him to the hospital to heel. He ended up escaping cause they locked him in the hospital room. Him on the run he went to a hotel to stay in. He ends up actually getting alone with a young boy who lives there also. They go walk around. By the way "Mr.Carpenter" is what Klauuto calls himself so people don't catch him. Mr.Carpenter traded two diamonds for two dollars from Bobby. Bobby is the boy that also lives in the hotel. Then Bobby and Mr.Carpenter go walking around and Klauuto asks who the smartest person Bobby knows. He said some scientist  ,I promise I was paying attention. I never was able to catch his name. They go visit him ,he wasn't there go Klauuto and Bobby go in anyways. Klauuto helps the scientist solve his math problem. They had came up with a meeting,because a alien is not gonna travel all that way and not have anything important to say. Before they could have the meeting Klauuto he was shot and killed. I almost forgot the budding romance Klauuto actually had with Bobby's mom. Gort ended up take his mom to Klauuto's spaceship. Then Gort goes and gets Klauuto's dead body out of the cell. He bought him back to the spaceship. Gort put him on a panel to bring him back to life. He warns them about their weapons and their out reach to space.If they didn't stop with their weapons they would blow up earth. I actually really like this one except the special effects.The special effect were terrible to be honest. The story plot wasn't that good either. I would not ,tell anyone to watch this. As a film class movie I guess it was good. Over all I didn't "really" like it. 
    When Worlds Collide is a science fiction movie from 1951.Produced by George Pal,based at a observatory in South Africa.This man named Randell was making a secret delivery to the observatory. The professor daughter assumed his Randell was delivering it he knew what was inside it,but he didn't. She didn't know so she starting talking about it. The world was going to end,but there was a planet they could go to. They had the make a rocket to get to the new planet when it was in orbit. They were gonna have the rocket under construction for 8 months. They had over 600 people working on it. Only 40 people can go to the new planet. Since the other planet is so close it causes a earthquake ,it causes worldwide destruction. So they go out and help people. Randell saved a little boy. He brought the young boy back to the camp. Randell made sure people were able to go ,so he tells them to leave him behind so someone else has a chance. Then they started getting behind on schedule for the rocket. The professor ends up staying on earth,so Randell ends up flying the rocket. Own version ended up getting cut off before we could see the end. I actually really liked this movie the special effects were really good. I would actually recommend this movie to someone. I love it.
     I really didn't get to see the first half of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope ,but the parts I did see I loved. Really great special effects though. 

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