Monday, December 14, 2015

•1st Semester•Final Blog•

•1st Semester•Final Blog•

Like-It's A Wonderful Life,Help,and Some Like it Hot.
Dislike-The Magnificent Seven,The Maltese Falcon,and American Graffiti.

Movies I liked
I liked It's A Wonderful Life,cause it should how dear life actually is.That you shouldn't take it for nothing,even if nothing is going your way,cause you can have an impacted whoever you are.
I like Help,mainly cause it was The Beatles of course,but I still had different reason.I thought the movie had an amazing plot to it.It was very funny to.More of an entertaining movie than anything.
I liked Some Like it Hot,mainly cause of the comedy used in these movie.I loved the ending also. I like how the mean were so good at drag actually.

Movies I disliked

I didn't not like The Magnificent Seven mainly cause I was confused on the whole movie.I didn't like how the workers needed the cowboys to save them.I really hated this movie.People say it's a classic,and I hated it.

The Maltese Flacon wasn't that bad but I really didn't like it either,it's really didn't make any sense to me at all.The only part I really understood was where the falcon was fake and he said that it was made of what people dream about.That still didn't change the fact that didn't like it one bit.

American Graffiti honestly wasn't that bad to me,I just didn't like the fact that it was some much like Grease.I thought it was funny I some places but still very dull to me.I didn't really enjoy this movie,I just didn't get the lay back and enjoy it,I just hated it.

•It's A Wonderful Life•

•It's A Wonderful Life•
I loved this movie a lot actually.The underdog in this movie is of course George,I love how in the end it all worked out.Then the movie was like The Christmas Carol actually.Like the ghost of christmas past.I loved it how it showed his whole story how he got from where he was and to where we was.Things would have been so bad if he was never born.I didn't really like the way he was treating the angel.I did really did like the movie overall. It was very funny in some spots. George was very heroic in the movie also,did you see how many lives he actually did save.Without him being there is was disastrous. In the very end he ended up being find.I didn't really like Mr.Potters,well I don't think anyone did.He was very rude.I hated him actually. I loved the whole movie though,I would have to say my favorite movie out of all. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Overall I really liked Sgt.York it was a really nice movie. I like the fact that he was against at first ,then in the end he changed his mind.The whole movie the person sitting beside me kept trying to talk to me so some of the movie I missed.My favorite part of the movie was when they were in the bar so the went a across the state line so he could sell them a drink.The Preacher in this movie had some thick eyebrows.The females acting in this movie was kind of stupid. Their crying faces were so ugly like I couldn't even handle it.Alvin,I honestly didn't him at first. He was kind of rude. Then he found the lord. I really liked how much he changed from the beginning to the end.I feel like one of the big messages was if you believe in something it's wroth fighting for.I loved this movie and I would watch it over and over agian.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

•American Graffiti•

American Graffiti

American Graffiti was that type of movie I really couldn't get into so this might not be too long.I remember it being kind of an older movie,maybe for the 70's.Some of the movie kind of freaked me out,don't know why but it just did.An honestly I didn't even listen to the soundtrack me being confused out of my mind ,still trying to find out what was happening.I remember some of the soundtrack.I seemed like it went with the movie very well actually. I thought this movie had a big similarity to "Grease".I also thought that they had Elvis type of music.All those teens were very nasty actually.All of them just want ew. I really did like the part where to boy went to the radio tower looking for that girl. Also when he was on the plane he saw her car. Over all that all I really remember for this movie.It was kind of boring to me.

•A Hard Days Night•Help•

A Hard Days Night•Help

I actually really did like both of The Beatles movies.The Beatles movies were hilarious,I just really think that comedy was really good in it making that movies funny.Favorite one out of them all would have to be Paul McCartney,and he's still alive to this day,he's 73....I did my research.These movies actually got me interested in their music.I really do like their music.Even though it seems old now,taking it's 2015.
The first movie we watched was A Hard Days Night.I liked this movie cause I just kind of gave us a sneak peek into their everyday like you could say. Except they were a little over dramatic with the police chase.I really still liked these films.
Help is more of a film where everything was made up,like usual movies.Unlike A Hard Days Night,even though that was exaggerated a little bit. With the movie being very exaggerated I sit liked it a lot. I like a lot of fictional movies.Over all loved both of them.