Wednesday, December 2, 2015

•A Hard Days Night•Help•

A Hard Days Night•Help

I actually really did like both of The Beatles movies.The Beatles movies were hilarious,I just really think that comedy was really good in it making that movies funny.Favorite one out of them all would have to be Paul McCartney,and he's still alive to this day,he's 73....I did my research.These movies actually got me interested in their music.I really do like their music.Even though it seems old now,taking it's 2015.
The first movie we watched was A Hard Days Night.I liked this movie cause I just kind of gave us a sneak peek into their everyday like you could say. Except they were a little over dramatic with the police chase.I really still liked these films.
Help is more of a film where everything was made up,like usual movies.Unlike A Hard Days Night,even though that was exaggerated a little bit. With the movie being very exaggerated I sit liked it a lot. I like a lot of fictional movies.Over all loved both of them.

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