Monday, December 14, 2015

•1st Semester•Final Blog•

•1st Semester•Final Blog•

Like-It's A Wonderful Life,Help,and Some Like it Hot.
Dislike-The Magnificent Seven,The Maltese Falcon,and American Graffiti.

Movies I liked
I liked It's A Wonderful Life,cause it should how dear life actually is.That you shouldn't take it for nothing,even if nothing is going your way,cause you can have an impacted whoever you are.
I like Help,mainly cause it was The Beatles of course,but I still had different reason.I thought the movie had an amazing plot to it.It was very funny to.More of an entertaining movie than anything.
I liked Some Like it Hot,mainly cause of the comedy used in these movie.I loved the ending also. I like how the mean were so good at drag actually.

Movies I disliked

I didn't not like The Magnificent Seven mainly cause I was confused on the whole movie.I didn't like how the workers needed the cowboys to save them.I really hated this movie.People say it's a classic,and I hated it.

The Maltese Flacon wasn't that bad but I really didn't like it either,it's really didn't make any sense to me at all.The only part I really understood was where the falcon was fake and he said that it was made of what people dream about.That still didn't change the fact that didn't like it one bit.

American Graffiti honestly wasn't that bad to me,I just didn't like the fact that it was some much like Grease.I thought it was funny I some places but still very dull to me.I didn't really enjoy this movie,I just didn't get the lay back and enjoy it,I just hated it.

•It's A Wonderful Life•

•It's A Wonderful Life•
I loved this movie a lot actually.The underdog in this movie is of course George,I love how in the end it all worked out.Then the movie was like The Christmas Carol actually.Like the ghost of christmas past.I loved it how it showed his whole story how he got from where he was and to where we was.Things would have been so bad if he was never born.I didn't really like the way he was treating the angel.I did really did like the movie overall. It was very funny in some spots. George was very heroic in the movie also,did you see how many lives he actually did save.Without him being there is was disastrous. In the very end he ended up being find.I didn't really like Mr.Potters,well I don't think anyone did.He was very rude.I hated him actually. I loved the whole movie though,I would have to say my favorite movie out of all. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Overall I really liked Sgt.York it was a really nice movie. I like the fact that he was against at first ,then in the end he changed his mind.The whole movie the person sitting beside me kept trying to talk to me so some of the movie I missed.My favorite part of the movie was when they were in the bar so the went a across the state line so he could sell them a drink.The Preacher in this movie had some thick eyebrows.The females acting in this movie was kind of stupid. Their crying faces were so ugly like I couldn't even handle it.Alvin,I honestly didn't him at first. He was kind of rude. Then he found the lord. I really liked how much he changed from the beginning to the end.I feel like one of the big messages was if you believe in something it's wroth fighting for.I loved this movie and I would watch it over and over agian.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

•American Graffiti•

American Graffiti

American Graffiti was that type of movie I really couldn't get into so this might not be too long.I remember it being kind of an older movie,maybe for the 70's.Some of the movie kind of freaked me out,don't know why but it just did.An honestly I didn't even listen to the soundtrack me being confused out of my mind ,still trying to find out what was happening.I remember some of the soundtrack.I seemed like it went with the movie very well actually. I thought this movie had a big similarity to "Grease".I also thought that they had Elvis type of music.All those teens were very nasty actually.All of them just want ew. I really did like the part where to boy went to the radio tower looking for that girl. Also when he was on the plane he saw her car. Over all that all I really remember for this movie.It was kind of boring to me.

•A Hard Days Night•Help•

A Hard Days Night•Help

I actually really did like both of The Beatles movies.The Beatles movies were hilarious,I just really think that comedy was really good in it making that movies funny.Favorite one out of them all would have to be Paul McCartney,and he's still alive to this day,he's 73....I did my research.These movies actually got me interested in their music.I really do like their music.Even though it seems old now,taking it's 2015.
The first movie we watched was A Hard Days Night.I liked this movie cause I just kind of gave us a sneak peek into their everyday like you could say. Except they were a little over dramatic with the police chase.I really still liked these films.
Help is more of a film where everything was made up,like usual movies.Unlike A Hard Days Night,even though that was exaggerated a little bit. With the movie being very exaggerated I sit liked it a lot. I like a lot of fictional movies.Over all loved both of them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

•The Maltese Falcon•

•The Maltese Falcon•

I really don’t know what happen in this movie,cause I really hated it. This movie sucked.This was seriously the worst movie ever to my opinion.I literally hated it.All I know is there was a glass bird that was suppose to be worth a lot of money,like it had jewels in it. And it was painted black so no one know that it was made out of jewels.This movie actually really confused me that’s the main reason I fell asleep watching it.It had a little bit of comedy in it. Oh and also some dude named Wilmer got knocked out. Once again there was a lot of guns in this movie.The falcon at the end was fake. They women that was with the dude ,murder some dude.Then he pretended to love her.In my notes it said she was “craycray”. So he couldn’t trust her so he spent her off to jail.Then he said the Falcon was made out of “the stuff dreams are made of”.I thought Sam Spade was kind of a hero in this ,he made that women go down for what she did.I think his moral are confused.I kind of thought for every one it symbolize that their dream wound finally becoming true.

•Some Like it Hot•

•Some Like it Hot•

I in fact actually really liked this movie. Favorite movie ever. I think the cross-dressing was the funniest. The acting i really like also.The movie also had Marilyn Monroe in it.The movie was so funny. A lot of the people lied in it.They worked at like a “funeral parlor”. Then that place ended up getting raided.So the sax and “forgot the other instrument” ,were out of a job. By the way they were able to sneak out while the raid was happening. So they were trying to get a job,and at this point I was very interested.There was a lot of guns involved in this movie.The two men end up dressing up as women to get a job. They kind of looked like drag queens.In my notes you can see where I was like literally dying watching this movie it was so funny. And this is where the comedy comes into play.I think the humor made it ahead of it’s time.Then they got to the hotel they are playing at and there old men hitting on them.Which I kind of thought was creepy.Then one of the guys pretend to be a rich billionaire<-----a lie,his company was shell oil<----- another lie. This movie is full of lies,but it was hilarious. I loved it.....

Friday, October 23, 2015

•The Birds•

The Birds

This is probably going to sound terrible but this whole movie I laughed cause they acting was terrible and the women didn't even have any common sense. Like if the bird are trying to eat you and attack you why would you go somewhere where there is a room full of birds.Even the people ,when they were in the cafĂ© ,like how dumb are you seriously. The birds were outside.The birds were trying to kill them.So they were like"oh I wanna die,let me run out in the streets,like a chicken with my head chopped off." I liked to movie ,but how dumb can someone be. When that women went into that room,that was like the dumbest mistake ever. She "almost" died from it. I still can't get over the bad acting like you just don't realize,when people were dying in this movie I just couldn't stop laughing.I hated the end of the movie though.You don't find out if they live or why the birds attached. I just ended up liking these movie mainly cause the bad acting made me laugh.

•War of the Worlds•

•The War of the Worlds•

I absolutely loved this movie,It was very dramatic. This movie was so scary back then cause they were very scared of alien invasion back then.Thinking about now,it's not really a scary movie now. At some points I actually thought it was funny. That women's acting was terrible to be honest. Ii hated every part she was in ,and that dude was going to every church looking for her. At least they didn't end up dying. The alien actually ended up dying cause of our germs cause there body weren't able to stabilize. The effects in this movie was actually really good from my point of view. I ended up really like this movie.Maybe not so much on the acting. Overall I really liked this movie and I would most likely tell people about ,but before they watch I'm going to mention the terrible acting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

•The Wizard of Oz•

•The Wizard of Oz•

The Wizard of Oz ,I honestly didn't like it cause I've seen it so many times.I've seen this movie at least 12 time. Obviously I still liked the movie. It's not a bad film at all. My parents just kind of bored me with this movie title. I like this movie cause of the confusion at some points. The fact that the whole movie was basically a dream,kind of shocked me. I really want the things in this movie to actually happen in this movie. Like if someone was sucked into a tornado they could go to a whole other world.
I know it's a old movie but you can tell that the background on the scene was painted on.Overall I really liked this movie,even though I was kind of bored with it.I would recommend this movie title to someone who likes fairy tales or has kids.

Friday, October 9, 2015

•The Magnificent Seven•The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance•

•The Magnificent Seven•The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance•

The Movies we watch for the past two week,were both in the 1960's. I really like both these titles of the movies and I was very excited to watch these titles. I actually missed the beginning of The Magnificent Seven. I still kind of got the gist of what happen still. I really liked these movies. Mainly cause I got to see Steve McQueen in TMS. He totally my favorite actor still. Well beside the man who played Ransom Stoddard's.
I really didn't really like The Magnificent Seven,but the only reason I liked it a little bit was because of Steve McQueen. I don't really like how the villages need the cowboys to help save them. I kind of understand why cause they basically had nothing besides a place to live. They barley had food. The cowboys actually farmed too. So they taught them to plant crops.
I love the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.It was just so funny. It was actually really hilarious. There was many jokes made threw-out the movie that were very comical. I don't really like western movies,but this was an exception. I didn't really like The magnificent Seven. Mainly cause I kind of got hit with the westernness. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance ,I think I kind of gliding it way into it. I loved the story line for this. My favorite part in the end was when Hallie put the cactus on Tom's casket. She also said her heart would always be there. Which in this meant she once was in love with Tom.
Overall these were some pretty good movies. I went home and told my mom everything that happened in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. I would recommend The Magnificent Seven to someone who really likes western movies. For me not so much. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

•Bambi~Toy Story•

•Bambi~Toy Story•

I actually really like animations cause their so child like. I just like the feel of being like a little kid again. I would love to turn back the clock ,but I can't. This movies make me kind of go back into my childhood ,and didn't really have a "perfect" childhood,but movies like this were diffidently the highlight of them. I guess I should get into details about the movie I liked.
Bambi ,I really loved then animation in this one cause it was just so cute. I would have to say my favorite character was Thumper. He was just so child like. Then when it would show the forest ,it looked so realistic.Honestly I didn't even think it was that sad when he mother died. Mainly cause I already knew it was coming. I just didn't know when. All around I still really liked that movie.
Toy Story is one of my favorites,ever since I was little. I still love it now. Like Bambi it's so child like. The animated was far more advanced then Bambi. Of course it would be. I still loved both of them. 
All together I love both of the movies. It was actually my first time watching Bambi ,but I actually have the movie at my house but never got around to watching it. I was not my first time watching Toy Story though. That is like one of my favorite movies of all time. I really enjoyed kind of going back into my childhood a little bit. I would recommend these in a spilt second.

Friday, October 2, 2015

•The Great Escape•

•The Great Escape•
This movie differs from the other movies we've watched in film studies for Mr. Mauldin. This is the first movie I've actually liked from beginning to end.I liked how action packed it actually was. If you were to look into my note,you would see that my favorite actor out of this whole movie was Steven McQueen . He was such a comedian in this movie. He is my favorite actor right now. I actually loved this whole movie together. I can't believe the events in to movie really happened,it actually baffled me. This movie also shows you good their teamwork was,but in some cases maybe not. Also I would like to address the thing about Blythe,Big X was so right on this. Blythe actually got him and Hendley killed. All around I love this loved this movie,definitely going to recommend this movie to my family.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Casablanca (1942)

By:Cassandra Devoe

I thought at first this was going to be the worse and most horrible movie,I'd ever watched.As the movie progresses I started to get a feel for the movie.I can honestly say this is my favorite movie right now.My favorite quote Rick says a various amount of times.The quote is"Here's looking at you,kid." I feel like the quote mean's the whole worlds kind of looking at her.The story line in the beginning was terrible to be honest.I really didn't have any interest in it.Then,I heard about the love story in it.I'm a sucker for a good love story.The love story between Ilsa and Rick was amazing.It ended very poorly,but I still loved it.My favorite part of the whole movie was what Captain Louis Renault said at the end. Captain Louis said,"Round up the usual suspects." I would have to say it was a really great movie.I would really recommend this movie to someone to watch. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Day the Earth stood still•When Worlds Collide•Star Wars

Terrible or Great?
The Day the Earth stood still•When Worlds Collide•Star Wars

     In the beginning of all three movies,I thought they were gonna be boring to be honest. At first none of the movies got my attention ,until the end of each movie. I liked how they were all kind of based on science fiction. I didn't really think would like them , especially The Day the Earth stood still. Mainly because it was black and white. I actually ended up liking that movie the most. One thing I like in particular that they were very specific in details. Now more into details into the movies.
    The Day the Earth stood still was about a ufo phenomena. When it landed hopped out was a alien named Klauuto. He had a present for the president,but they thought what he had was a weapon. The army ended up shooting Klauuto. Then came out the robot Gort. With his laser vision he vaporized the army's gun,and tanks. Klauuto made Gort stop before he hurt anyone. So they took him to the hospital to heel. He ended up escaping cause they locked him in the hospital room. Him on the run he went to a hotel to stay in. He ends up actually getting alone with a young boy who lives there also. They go walk around. By the way "Mr.Carpenter" is what Klauuto calls himself so people don't catch him. Mr.Carpenter traded two diamonds for two dollars from Bobby. Bobby is the boy that also lives in the hotel. Then Bobby and Mr.Carpenter go walking around and Klauuto asks who the smartest person Bobby knows. He said some scientist  ,I promise I was paying attention. I never was able to catch his name. They go visit him ,he wasn't there go Klauuto and Bobby go in anyways. Klauuto helps the scientist solve his math problem. They had came up with a meeting,because a alien is not gonna travel all that way and not have anything important to say. Before they could have the meeting Klauuto he was shot and killed. I almost forgot the budding romance Klauuto actually had with Bobby's mom. Gort ended up take his mom to Klauuto's spaceship. Then Gort goes and gets Klauuto's dead body out of the cell. He bought him back to the spaceship. Gort put him on a panel to bring him back to life. He warns them about their weapons and their out reach to space.If they didn't stop with their weapons they would blow up earth. I actually really like this one except the special effects.The special effect were terrible to be honest. The story plot wasn't that good either. I would not ,tell anyone to watch this. As a film class movie I guess it was good. Over all I didn't "really" like it. 
    When Worlds Collide is a science fiction movie from 1951.Produced by George Pal,based at a observatory in South Africa.This man named Randell was making a secret delivery to the observatory. The professor daughter assumed his Randell was delivering it he knew what was inside it,but he didn't. She didn't know so she starting talking about it. The world was going to end,but there was a planet they could go to. They had the make a rocket to get to the new planet when it was in orbit. They were gonna have the rocket under construction for 8 months. They had over 600 people working on it. Only 40 people can go to the new planet. Since the other planet is so close it causes a earthquake ,it causes worldwide destruction. So they go out and help people. Randell saved a little boy. He brought the young boy back to the camp. Randell made sure people were able to go ,so he tells them to leave him behind so someone else has a chance. Then they started getting behind on schedule for the rocket. The professor ends up staying on earth,so Randell ends up flying the rocket. Own version ended up getting cut off before we could see the end. I actually really liked this movie the special effects were really good. I would actually recommend this movie to someone. I love it.
     I really didn't get to see the first half of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope ,but the parts I did see I loved. Really great special effects though.