Friday, October 23, 2015

•The Birds•

The Birds

This is probably going to sound terrible but this whole movie I laughed cause they acting was terrible and the women didn't even have any common sense. Like if the bird are trying to eat you and attack you why would you go somewhere where there is a room full of birds.Even the people ,when they were in the café ,like how dumb are you seriously. The birds were outside.The birds were trying to kill them.So they were like"oh I wanna die,let me run out in the streets,like a chicken with my head chopped off." I liked to movie ,but how dumb can someone be. When that women went into that room,that was like the dumbest mistake ever. She "almost" died from it. I still can't get over the bad acting like you just don't realize,when people were dying in this movie I just couldn't stop laughing.I hated the end of the movie though.You don't find out if they live or why the birds attached. I just ended up liking these movie mainly cause the bad acting made me laugh.

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