Friday, October 23, 2015

•War of the Worlds•

•The War of the Worlds•

I absolutely loved this movie,It was very dramatic. This movie was so scary back then cause they were very scared of alien invasion back then.Thinking about now,it's not really a scary movie now. At some points I actually thought it was funny. That women's acting was terrible to be honest. Ii hated every part she was in ,and that dude was going to every church looking for her. At least they didn't end up dying. The alien actually ended up dying cause of our germs cause there body weren't able to stabilize. The effects in this movie was actually really good from my point of view. I ended up really like this movie.Maybe not so much on the acting. Overall I really liked this movie and I would most likely tell people about ,but before they watch I'm going to mention the terrible acting.

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