Friday, October 2, 2015

•The Great Escape•

•The Great Escape•
This movie differs from the other movies we've watched in film studies for Mr. Mauldin. This is the first movie I've actually liked from beginning to end.I liked how action packed it actually was. If you were to look into my note,you would see that my favorite actor out of this whole movie was Steven McQueen . He was such a comedian in this movie. He is my favorite actor right now. I actually loved this whole movie together. I can't believe the events in to movie really happened,it actually baffled me. This movie also shows you good their teamwork was,but in some cases maybe not. Also I would like to address the thing about Blythe,Big X was so right on this. Blythe actually got him and Hendley killed. All around I love this loved this movie,definitely going to recommend this movie to my family.

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